About Me

I take it you're probably here to learn a little about me, so here's a brief lowdown for ya: I'm a freelance writer and editor with over six years of experience creating content for digital media brands — including but not limited to Allure.com, BDG (Bustle, Elite Daily, Nylon, The Zoe Report), Cosmopolitan, Byrdie, Yahoo, HealthCentral, and many more. Most recently, I oversaw weekend editorial coverage for Allure.com, where I wrote a combination of news, evergreen, and commerce content.

Before going full-time freelance at the beginning of 2019, I was the associate digital editor at Allure, and prior to that, I held the same title at Teen Vogue, which was my first #adultjob out of college. When I'm not writing about all things beauty and wellness to pay the bills, you can find me testing out products like it's my job (pun sure-as-hell intended), snuggling with my darling pup Honey, and binge-watching whatever's in Netlix's Top Ten.

Wanna work together? Drop me a line. I'd love to hear from you! Email: kfasanella16@gmail.com.