I Have a Rare and Chronic Skin Condition. Does the Beauty Industry Care?

Roughly six years ago, at the onset of my career as a beauty reporter, I penned a about living with Netherton syndrome, a rare genetic skin condition categorized as an “orphan disease.” It affects fewer than 200,000 people nationwide, and the anomalous malady manifests itself through red scaly rashes, scalp and hair abnormalities that cause acute breakage and extreme shedding, and a weakened skin barrier that increases the risk for infections. Netherton syndrome is an inflammatory disorder that

The History of Psoriasis

A new biologic injectable treatment called bimekizumab is currently being studied in clinical trials and is expected to be released in the next couple of years. It shows promise to be even more effective at clearing psoriasis than currently available treatments because of its ability to target specific parts of the immune system that cause the inflammatory condition. JAK inhibitors, which are medications that work by blocking a different part of the inflammatory pathway than most traditional tre

The Best (and Most Affordable!) Psoriasis Shampoos

Out of the 7.5 million Americans living with psoriasis, half of them will have it on their scalp. For some, it can be mild with minor flaking and redness, but for others, it comes with stubborn, hard-to-remove plaques that itch and sometimes bleed. Of course, there’s an array of treatment options available, but one of the easiest ways to attack scalp psoriasis head-on is with shampoos that specifically target scales and inflammation. To find out which psoriasis shampoos are worth adding to your

Dermatologists Favorite Ingredients and Tips for Removing Psoriasis Plaques

One of the simplest things you can do to help banish psoriasis plaques is bathing. No joke: Fill your tub with lukewarm water (overly hot water can be irritating) and let your skin soak for 15 minutes. “The water in the tub softens scales, making them easier to remove,” says Dr. Levin, who advises being as gentle as possible when exfoliating so as to not further irritate the skin. She also suggests swapping bubbles for a few drops of tea tree oil, which has natural antimicrobial and anti-inflamm

Here's Why I'll Spend $20 On This Makeup Sponge Every Single Time & I'm Not Even Mad About It

There have been very few times when I’ve tried a product and instantly known that it was going to change my makeup game forever. And yet, that’s exactly what happened the first time I used the Beautyblender. Let’s back it up for a minute. You see, I had been using flat-top kabuki brushes to do my foundation for years, and while I had no major complaints, I also had no idea what I was missing out on. Then I started seeing all of my favorite beauty bloggers break out this hot pink sponge to do th

I Finally Found a Routine That Works For My Thin, Fragile Hair

Long story short: The fall I moved to New York City after college, my hair took a massive hit due to stress. I had just started my first Big Girl Job, which turned out to be anxiety-inducing even on its good days—and on top of that, my skin condition was flaring up like none other from the change in seasons. As if that wasn’t enough, I was also going through my first-ever heartbreak, and it was a goddamn doozy. For more than a few months, I felt like a shell of myself, and it Over a scarily sho

4 Signs of Stressed Skin

If your skin has been feeling out of whack lately, you’re not alone. It may be signs of stressed skin. We’re living in highly unprecedented times, which means many people are experiencing a rollercoaster of emotions. This has a ripple effect on our skin: When we get anxious, the primary stress hormone in our bodies, cortisol, gets out of control, and our skin suffers. You’ll be able to tell, too. For instance, when cortisol levels spike, it prompts the skin to create excess sebum, which leads to

How to Care for Chronic Skin During the Summer

With peak summer in full swing, many folks are rejoicing over the consistently warm weather and the chance to spend more time outside. But for those with chronic skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, melasma, and more, summertime isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association’s global climate report, the year 2020 is expected to be one of the top five warmest years on record across the globe. Weather forecasters predict that this

7 Must-Have Winter Skin-Care Products Available At Walmart

When winter is in full swing, the lightweight lotions and potions that got you through summer and fall sadly won’t cut it. That’s when it’s time to stock up on rich head-to-toe hydrators that will. Fortunately, our favorite go-to shopping destination, Walmart, has everything you need and then some: decadent body creams, moisturizing face masks, and soothing bath balms to name a few. That’s why we’ve partnered with the retail powerhouse to share some of the best winter skin-care products they hav

The hidden meanings behind celebrity tattoos, revealed — from Amy Winehouse to Post Malone

When remembering Amy Winehouse, it’s impossible not to visualize her vast and beautiful collection of body art. The iconic pinup woman on her right arm, the lightning bolt on her wrist and the name “Cynthia” — inspired by her paternal grandmother — are just three of 14 known tattoos the legendary singer had that gave people a glimpse into her world. Learn more about Winehouse’s tattoos by exploring the art in 3D. Two of the “Rehab” singer’s most meaningful tattoos — including the famous pinup

How to Layer Your Products So You Feel Hydrated, Not Greasy

When it comes to applying your skincare, you should think of it like dressing in layers, with the lightest products applied first, and the heaviest formulas slathered on last. Of course, that’s not to say there aren’t some exceptions to the rule. For instance, face oil: while it varies widely in viscosity and can certainly be lightweight, oils should typically be the last product you put on your face because they function as an occlusive, sealing in the rest of your skincare. On the other hand,

I Will Only Use These 16 Products on My Hyper-Sensitive Skin

A week or so before the full-fledged lockdown began, my mother ordered me to “pack as if I’d never be back” before fleeing to my childhood home in New Jersey. It was well-meaning advice that I ignored entirely. I live in a fourth-floor walk-up with no elevator and would be traveling solo from Brooklyn, so before I headed out, I packed one bag stuffed with what mattered to me most: skin care. When you’ve spent years of your life trying to find products that work for your perennially problematic
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